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All Genfare Products and Equipment required for a complete management of the Sales, Collection and Management cycle are available at Garival, with or without services, training and follow-up.

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    Fast-Fare Farebox

    The Fast Fare farebox is Genfare’s all-in-one, customizable farebox that quickly accepts, validates, and processes whatever form of payment is in the rider’s pocket while collecting valuable data in real time.

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    GenPay allows transit agencies to simply, securely and cost-effectively accept bank card payments on the bus, as well as at any online or retail sales channel, with a single-vendor bank card processing solution.

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    Mobile Link

    Mobile Link is Genfare’s full-featured mobile ticketing application that allows riders to plan trips and buy instant tickets on their smartphones, reducing the need for cash fares. The interface reflects the agency’s branding and includes secure payment processing, rider account management, and offline ticket validation.

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    Genfare’s DualPort Vault revenue collection system keeps currency untouched and safe from theft from the farebox to the armored truck to the counting room with a hands-free interlock system that requires a secure sequence of events and conditions to open.

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    Vendstar Ticket Vending Machine

    Reduce dwell time by having riders purchase or reload fare media before they board at a reliable self-service kiosk.

    The Vendstar Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) makes it easy for riders to purchase or add value to smart fare media at an unmanned kiosk, 24/7. The durable and secure TVM accepts and validates cash and coins, plus credit and debit cards. It can be configured to issue and reload fare media and manage transfers, as well as add value to a rider’s account on an agency’s transit app or a rider’s mobile wallet.

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    Point of sales terminals

    Sell tickets and provide comprehensive customer service cost-effectively with retail and administrative point-of-sale terminals.

    Genfare’s administrative point-of-sale (APOS) terminal is a comprehensive sales and customer service system that provides easy access to riders’ accounts to perform customer service functions such as replacing passes, viewing history, creating or modifying accounts, generating refunds, and reporting lost media.

    The retail point-of-sale terminal (RPOS) is a compact configuration that enables agencies to cost-effectively expand the number of locations where riders can purchase and reload fare media utilizing the host’s existing payment processing system.

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    e-Fare Online Ticketing Portal

    Allow riders to manage their accounts and purchase fares anywhere, anytime, with a web-based ticketing platform.

    Genfare’s e-Fare online ticketing portal empowers riders to securely view, manage, and fund electronic ticketing media such as mobile tickets, limited use contactless cards, and smart cards using any web-enabled device.

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    Open Link Validator

    Expand payment options on any type of fleet while speeding boarding with a contactless electronic fare media validator.

    The Open Link Validator (OLV) accepts contactless credit or debit cards, smart cards, mobile wallets, or barcodes, expanding payment options while speeding boarding. It’s ideal for several use cases, including accepting digital fare media in buses with older fare boxes, validating fares in microtransit and paratransit vehicles, and rear-door boarding on buses.

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    Handheld Validator

    Le validateur portable de Genfare est un appareil facile à utiliser qui s’associe à un iPhone d’Apple pour inspecter, valider et vendre des supports tarifaires dans un système basé sur un compte afin de garantir la collecte du tarif correct et de réduire la fraude tarifaire.

    Prevent fare evasion and sell tickets with a compact, portable inspection/validation device that pairs with an iPhone.

    Genfare’s Handheld Validator is an easy-to-use device that pairs with an Apple iPhone to inspect, validate, and sell fare media in an account-based system to ensure collection of the correct fare and reduce fare evasion.

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    Genfare Link, with Garival

    A single source of truth that consolidates cash management, administration, reporting, fare configuration and asset management into one secure cloud-based software platform.

    Genfare Link has been reimagined as a single cloud-based cash management hub supporting all Genfare products. It introduces a simplified approach to managing mobility solutions using a reliable, scalable software platform featuring comprehensive, accurate reporting. Genfare Link combines cash management, administration, reporting, fare configuration and asset management into one robust SaaS platform that scales for transit agencies of all sizes.

    Genfare Link empowers data-driven operations and decision-making, reduces the cost and burden of fare collection, and is quick and simple to deploy, then expand as technology advances or needs change. It makes transit administration easier across the board, from assisting a single rider with their account to monitoring hardware across the fleet.

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