Genfare Link, with Garival

A single source of truth that consolidates cash management, administration, reporting, fare configuration and asset management into one secure cloud-based software platform

Genfare Link has been reimagined as a single cloud-based cash management hub supporting all Genfare products. It introduces a simplified approach to managing mobility solutions using a reliable, scalable software platform featuring comprehensive, accurate reporting. Genfare Link combines cash management, administration, reporting, fare configuration and asset management into one robust SaaS platform that scales for transit agencies of all sizes.

Genfare Link empowers data-driven operations and decision-making, reduces the cost and burden of fare collection, and is quick and simple to deploy, then expand as technology advances or needs change. It makes transit administration easier across the board, from assisting a single rider with their account to monitoring hardware across the fleet.


  • Securely connects the entire fare collection solution
  • Empowers decision-making with a single source of data
  • Decreases the cost and burden of cash collection


Genfare Link Cash Management takes the place of four separate systems to create a single fare collection platform with improved data insights. Gathering accurate data from a single source that all equipment is connected to on the cloud has the potential to reduce the time spent on preparing reports from 40 hours per week to just four hours. Its simple interface requires minimal staff training and setup.


Robust security measures including encryption protocols, regular backups, and disaster recovery protect user data while minimizing the need for local IT interaction. The centralized cloud-based platform also simplifies asset management, virtually eliminates backend downtime, and provides real-time monitoring of hardware to alert the transit agency to issues before they cause problems.


Genfare Link decreases the cost of fare collection. The data insights it gathers can decrease probing and vaulting by up to 30%. This data can be used to streamline reporting procedures, counting room activities, and yard operations, as well as reduce the frequency of armored truck pickups. Additionally, Genfare Link can reduce reliance on magnetic media, reducing costs of replenishment and TRiM maintenance.

“Software as a Service” (SaaS)

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