Vendstar Ticket Vending Machine

Reduce dwell time by having riders purchase or reload fare media before they board at a reliable self-service kiosk.

The Vendstar Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) makes it easy for riders to purchase or add value to smart fare media at an unmanned kiosk, 24/7. The durable and secure TVM accepts and validates cash and coins, plus credit and debit cards. It can be configured to issue and reload fare media and manage transfers, as well as add value to a rider’s account on an agency’s transit app or a rider’s mobile wallet.


Resistant to all weather conditions


Passenger Interactive Display


Multimode payment options


Tickets drop box


  • Works with all kinds of smart fare media
  • Reduces dwell time with off-board fare purchases
  • Empowers unbanked riders by digitizing cash


The Vendstar’s simple self-service interface lets riders make sure their smart media is funded at convenient locations along a service route before they board, reducing dwell time. Fare structure modifications, changes to TVM displays and messages, software downloads, and reboots can be performed remotely, reducing IT and administrative staff burden.


The Vendstar allows unbanked or underbanked customers to digitize cash to smart fare media so they can take advantage of loyalty programs, fare capping, and other programs that reduce the cost of transit. It is ADA compliant with wheelchair accessible controls, raised letters, Braille labels, and audio instructions. Instructions can be multilingual to service the agecy’s diverse community.


The Vendstar uses an ethernet, Wi-Fi, fiber optic, or cellular connection to provide real-time, continuous communication with Genfare Link, Genfare’s cloud-hosted central fare management and processing platform. This allows remote monitoring, configuration, and updating of the TVM as well as collection of transaction and cumulative data and creation of reports.


The Vendstar is PCI and EMV compliant, ensuring secure transactions and minimizing risk of data breaches. Its solid design and physical security features, including optional security cameras, prevent theft of currency.


Built to last, the Vendstar is made of a heavy-gauge steel plate with a multi-catch latching door and is highly resistant to vandalism. An optional heater extends the TVMs life in cold climates.


Optional features include a plastic smart card ticket dispenser, door-mounted and internal revenue security cameras, a touchscreen, a cold weather heater, advertising and marketing displays, and more.

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