Garival’s philosphy in two words

Integrity and Quality.

Garival’s philosophy, of its Management team and its employees can be summarized in two words : Integrity and Quality. Each employee at Garival is a link in this master statement, and it is each and everyone’s responsibility that all our activities project these two essential values. Each intervention must be executed with quality in mind and must respect the integrity that has made our reputation.

For all this, one team. The Garival Team.


Garival’s mission? Simple. Be the preferred partner for the Canadian and European Transit Industry by supplying world class fare collection equipment, systems and services.

Since 1983

Genfare Products
and Services Distributor

Garival has been the distributor of Genfare products and services since 1983. Garival is located in Laval, Quebec, and offers local service to transit authorities located in Quebec, and a very efficient service to all Canadian transit authorities.  Our customers know that they can count on unmatched support when they acquire Genfare fare products. Since one of the main features of these products is a rapid return on investment by recuperating lost revenue, Transit authorities need to have a local representative who will assist them in a successful implementation.

Garival, Master of Collection.

We have the confidence of Canadian Transit Authorities

40 years of Garival
service in Canada

We have earned, over our more than 40 years in service, the confidence of Canadian Transit Authorities. Garival supplies all test and maintenance tools and equipment for the good functioning of your fare collection system. Our technical department has all the knowledge and expertise to efficiently assist our customers, at all steps of the implementation or the operation of their system and equipments. We guarantee our work and constantly improve our service level.

Garival, Master of Collection

Garival Team

Dedicated to transit fare collection in Canada

Genfare and Garival Executive Teams

Genfare and Garival Executive Teams

40 years partnership

In order : Eric Kaled, President (Genfare), Benoit Galland, Co-Founder (Garival), Jacques St-Pierre, President & CEO (Garival), Charles Galland, Vice-President, Business Development (Garival) and Kim Green, Former President (Genfare), at the APTA (American Public Transportation Association) Conference in October 2023, in Orlando Florida.

Benoit Galland

Benoit Galland

Garival Co-founder

Benoit Galland founded, with his business partner, Garival in 1983, at the age of 18 years old. The company is established in Laval, Quebec.

At its inception, Garival becomes a distribution point for the products of the American company GFI (which will become, many years later, Genfare) for the Eastern Canada market. This exclusive distribution mandate has always been Garival’s main purpose and remains successful to this day. After a few years, Garival handles distribution for all the Canadian market.

Garival, through is co-founder, is also involved socially in many charities that are close to his heart.

Benoit is the person to contact if you want to know more about Garival and its mission.

Jacques St-Pierre

Jacques St-Pierre

President & CEO

Jacques takes care of the team at Garival, and of all the customers’ needs in terms or new or existing systems.

With more than 25 years of experience in this domain, and an impressive number of successful new implementations across the country, Jacques, with the help of his amazing team, aims for a 100% satisfaction rate for all Garival customers.

Jacques is the person to contact if you have any question concerning Garival’s services, products and systems.

Charles Galland

Charles Galland

Vice-president – Business Developement

Charles is responsible for assisting our customers, current and prospective, for their needs in Fare collection systems and equipment.

With a vast experience, for more than 28 years in our domain, Charles is an expert in both the existing technologies currently in use at our customers sites, as well as the new available technologies for updating the existing systems.

Charles is the person to contact if you want to modernize your system, or make additions to your existing system.

Anne-Sophie Constant-Galland

Anne-Sophie Constant-Galland

Marketing Director

Anne-Sophie reletenlessly maintains Garival strategic position on the Canadian market.

She controls and analyzes the marketing campaign results in order to determine the next stategic orientations, always considering the market evolution. She is also involved in all events where Garival participates, like CUTA and OTE events. With Anne-Sophie’s contribution, Garival maintains its position as the prime supplier of fare collection systems and services in Canada.

Anne-Sophie is the person to contact for Events and Marketing needs.

Hélène Lafrance

Hélène Lafrance

Customer Service Manager

Hélène takes care of all of our customers needs, from spare parts to new modules, from the estimate up to the delivery to the customer’s site.

With more than 20 years of experience in this domain, and a desire for quality, quick turn around, and customer service flair, Hélène will assist you in all your quotes, orders or any question related to procurement.

Hélène is the person to contact if you need spare parts, new modules, or any other question concerning procurement.

Philippe Plante

Philippe Plante

Technical Services Director

Philippe, with his team of specialized technicians, takes care of all installation, repairs and maintenance of our customers’ equipment.

With more than 20 years of experience in our domain, and a sane obsession with quality and quick turn around, Philippe will assist you in all your management and system implementaiton needs.

Phillipe is the person to contact if you need advice, or technical services for existing and new systems.

Julie Labelle

Julie Labelle

Assitant director – System services

Julie, assisted by expert resources, takes care of all system related aspects, from the implementation of these, up to the technical support.

With more than 20 years of experience in our domain, and a desire for quality, quick turn around, and customer service flair, Julie will assist you in all your software related needs.

Julie is the person to contact if you need advice, or software related services for existing and new systems.